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8 Activities Employees can Try to Hibernate From Work and Come Back Rejuvenated

August 09, 2021 - Posted to Job Interview

Content 8 activities for employees to hibernate from work

Maintaining a work-life balance is a significant player in an employee's morale. Burnout is an unpleasant feeling that often leads to underperformance. It's a problem that employers and employees need to solve.

While solutions to such concerns are easy and manageable, it's best to prevent the situation from happening. Don't wait until you feel tired and uninspired when you can find fun activities that you can do outside of your work schedule.


The same goes for employers. Don't wait for your staff to come knocking at your door, complaining about the ungodly work hours and the truck full of workload. Please encourage them to take a break when needed and to take a step back when things get a bit blurry.

Here are eight activities that you can try when you want to hibernate from work:


Team Hiking or Trekking

If you're working with a group, you can go team hiking. It's a refreshing activity that doesn't involve meetings, brainstorming, and countless chasing of deadlines. Sure, there might be some challenges along the way, but it's only about who leads the way or when the next snack stop would be.


What's good about this activity is that you may rely on each other when your legs are a bit unsteady already. But you can also bring trekking poles because it does the job pretty amazingly.



Whether it's a spiritual, yoga, or nature retreat, a quiet time away from worldly distractions is a good step towards mental clarity.


It's one way to replenish your energy with something that can help you perform better at work. Sometimes, it's the necessary breaks that we have to take to realize that work is consuming our being. When it gets overwhelming, a retreat is what you should do to silence the mind and stimulate it with a creative aura.


Virtual Games

For employers, it's crucial to engage your workforce with fun activities constantly. Even when your work setup is remote, you have plenty of options to give employees reasons to have fun.

One way to do that is via virtual games. There are plenty of available team games on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You can never go wrong about mounting something like this, ranging from quizzes to charades and even RPGs.


You can give out incentives to the winning employee so that it gives them more reason to participate. Besides, it's also an excellent way to get to know your staff even better.


Water Activities

You can never go wrong with water activities. Swimming, diving, rafting, or kayaking are just some of the best examples you can enjoy with your team. It encourages a spirit of good vibes and camaraderie.


You'll be surprised at how inspiring team members are to see each other outside of the work environment. It strips them off of that smell of pressure and obligation. When you start having fun, you see them in a different light. That's something you won't see in an office setting.

This way, you'll have a better view of how to deal with some of them and start having healthier relationships.



If you think yoga is better when done alone, try doing it with your team members. How can yoga improve your work? Well, let's count the ways. For one, it relieves you of any body ache from being at your desk for long periods. Second, it allows you to practice your breathing.


Breathing is helpful when things at work are stressful. Taking a couple of sweet, deep breaths and a little downward stretch will give you a different perspective. Above all, when a team does yoga together, imagine how peaceful the office floor will get.


Company Picnic

We often celebrate small and big victories in the office. Usually, employees would opt to go to a restaurant. But have you heard of a team going out for a picnic because one of their members closed a massive deal with a client?


Rare, but something every employer should try! Going out for a picnic with the team is a more relaxed way of being together while enjoying the nice weather. Besides, preparing the food for the picnic is also one way to bond with the team.


Coffee Shop Trip

Coffee is often that one thing that connects one employee to another. It's the ultimate potion that pumps most of the staff and pushes them to work efficiently.


So if this is something that you can relate to, take the team on a buzzing coffee shop trip where you can try a new blend or go with your usual cup. A quick break from beating deadlines is a must, and a trip to the nearest local coffee shop is the way to go.



Volunteering is a noble act that you can do with your teammates. It gives you an extra boost of inspiration, one that transcends beyond the office.


You can find a cause that each of the team members feels strongly about. Pretty sure there's a common ground between the staff. Besides, reaching out a hand to the needy isn't only about helping a particular community, but it's also about giving your work life more meaning.

Giving back to the community is one way to inspire employees to stay with a company that provides value to the life of other people.


Final Thoughts

Whatever you choose, it will always go back to why you decided to do the activity in the first place. Take the time to stop worrying about your workload. Breathe and enjoy the activities around you to return to work with a renewed energy to face the tasks.