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A Statistical Study Confirm: 77% of Job Seekers Use Mobile Job Search Apps

April 08, 2016 - Posted to Job Interview

Content a statistical study confirm 77pct of job seekers use mobile job search apps

Most Americans own up to four digital devices, which means they are more connected than ever. They are used to getting information anywhere and at any time.  The behavior of the consumers’ use of these devices has inspired innovation.  It shows in the travel industry, financial services, retail, and now the industry of recruitment.

Today, at least, 77% of people will apply for jobs using their mobile devices.  The process is simple and gives the hiring managers the ability to reach the audience that has the talents they’re looking to hire. There are apps that can create resumes and send them, ones that help with planning a career, help organize their searches, find answers to the most popular questions via chatbots, receive alerts to new job postings using some sort of a chatbot again, and many more.

These are just a few of the apps available that every job seeker needs to know.

iPQ Career Planner

This is for those people who are unsure what path to take for their career or have pounded the pavement with no luck.  It assists them in identifying their dream job and helps improve their chances of getting this job. There’s an assessment, which has 52 questions, to help people recognize their weaknesses and strengths.  It will suggest some careers and employment opportunities matching the criteria.

Pocket Resume

With this app, people can create and format a professional resume from their smartphone.  Its technology will render a unique PDF resume meaning the app does everything from the layout to the design. Once it's been created, it can then be sent directly from the device.  For those job seekers that have little time, it can be done quickly and with little effort. It can be updated and sent while they’re having lunch.


Even though some are uncomfortable with reaching out to others, networking remains #1 for the best way to find a job. And for some industries, like IT, it might be the only way to get a really good position. So, if you are interested in, say, data science jobs, this app is for you. It works through LinkedIn and will do all of the work. People search a location with a time they’ll be available. Then LunchMeet will advise them of others that are in the same area and are available to meet. By using the messaging feature of the in-app, they can arrange to meet for lunch, coffee, or drinks.  This networking app is an excellent way to get advice, a dream job, or a boost in their career from experienced consultants entrepreneurs.

Hidden Jobs

The fact is that the majority of jobs available can be found on job boards or in the newspapers.  But if people are waiting for their dream job to be advertised in one of these ways, the chances are that it’s too late. The Hidden Jobs app can track almost two million jobs from companies and organizations that are now making the news and are expanding their workforce. They specialize in keeping tabs on announcements for jobs in magazines, newspapers, online media, and press releases. This app is ideal for career professionals, recent college graduates, and job seekers of all kinds.

Good Job

It can be hard to keep on the right track with all of the activities of a job search when people are working to find the perfect job. This app will assist in organizing the search by making it easier to keep a record of the positions, actions, contacts, follow-ups, and events. Hundreds of jobs can be prioritized, view scheduled interviews and events, and the number of resumes sent and where. People can track their conversations with the contacts, keeps notes of successful meetings, and add comments. 


This app allows users to go directly to the source to search for jobs on different companies’ websites.  They can do this by using filters like the company, locations, and keywords. Users can save their searches in favorites and view later, use a mobile device to apply directly to the job, or email the listing to themselves. This app is great for finding jobs that aren’t in the newspapers or on job boards.


Instead of searching on sites such as Indeed, Simply Hired, Monster, and The Ladders, job seekers can access the most popular sites for jobs by using this app.  With an intuitive application, they can find work and save time by using just one site.  The app features maps to find employment in a particular area and allows people to discuss, with other users, the topics. They can find additional information on different companies, compare the salaries they pay, and see new trends in the marketplace.  

Real-Time Jobs

This app streamlines the process of searching for a job and comes from TwitterJobSearch.  It will allow the user to quickly find jobs and apply for a position that’s posted to Twitter.  It uses the technology of QuickPitch and lets job seekers pitch themselves with just one tap.  Once they find a job, they can upload their resume, send the link to their profile on social media, and upload a video.  There are at least 1,000 jobs posted every hour so a user can jump ahead of any competitors.