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How to Prepare Your Social Profiles for Recruiter Inspection

April 07, 2016 - Posted to Job Interview

Content how to prepare your social profiles for recruiter inspection

The social media profiles will reveal specific aspects of a person’s’ personality.  Recruiters find this information useful when they’re trying to get a grasp of the person.  It aids them in making their decision when considering applicants to interview or hire.  They’re able to evaluate them and see if they would fit well within the organization.  They’ll rate the candidates’ character along with their personality.  They also look for any grammar or spelling mistakes in their content.

Social Media Shows Your Connections

If a candidate hasn’t networked in the past, they should start now because it’s something that the hiring managers will look for.  If the networking is with a current employee, this resume will be given a higher preference.  The recruiters want to know if the candidate is in contact with others in the same industry.  In reality, the hiring manager is looking for someone and will screen that person before contacting them in person.  More and more companies are involved in social media to find out more about a potential future employee.  Here are some things they look for and ways they respond to what is in the profiles.

  • 90 percent use social media to screen applicants.
  • 70 percent have rejected a candidate solely because of what’s in the profile.
  • 45 percent look at the candidate’s social media profiles upon receiving their application.
  • 75 percent screen Facebook, 50 percent screen Twitter, and 45 percent screen LinkedIn

These are some things to look at and work on to improve one’s social media profile.  It’s important as more and more recruiters use these profiles.  They check out everything so use these steps to keep it updated at all times.

  1. People need to think of their social media profile as the better version of their resume and remember that some of the best jobs are not posted.  Sometimes the hiring manager goes looking for people of interest.
  2. It’s important to make sure all of the profiles are updated often.  People need to check that their contact information is kept current and make sure they’re listed in the area where they want to secure a position. 
  3. Get recommendations on LinkedIn for work they’ve have done in the past. It’s a great feeling to get a good review from a previous boss and have it posted on LinkedIn. This will help the profile stand out to hiring managers because, by having this recommendation, it gives them an idea of the kind of employee this person would make. 
  4. Candidates should Google themselves so see what comes up because over 90% of recruiters will do the same search and it’s good to know what they’ll see.  When things are put on the internet, they remain for a long time and those who know how, will find out things.
  5. Be sure to check the privacy settings. It’s okay to have a life, some fun, and have profiles on different social media sites.  But, don’t put out the wrong message.   People need to adjust their settings making sure that posts about them are appropriate for anyone to see.  Or they can set it for the audience of people they trust.
  6. Always state the truth in the profile. There is probably nothing worse than when a hiring manager finds out that this person didn’t do what they said they did.
  7. Follow potential employers online and read the events and news that they may be involved in.  This gives the applicant a better picture about the business and an understanding into the company’s operations.  This will be a great help in that first interview
  8. Always use a professional picture in the profiles because a selfie is not nearly good enough.  If having a professional picture done will cost too much, have someone take a picture, with a plain background and with the applicant in business attire.

Social media gives recruiters an easy, efficient, and fast way to check out a candidate’s personality, character, genuineness, maturity, likeability, and credibility.  This can save the hiring managers from paying the costs of a background check and an interview.

To make it easier for the recruiter, candidates should provide the URLs at the top of their resumes.  Insert this information just under the address and phone number.  It will consume less of the hiring manager’s time and direct them to the profile.  By doing this for the recruiters, it will eliminate any risk of mistaken identity if the candidate has a very common name.

In closing:

Whether a person is looking for a job or considering a change, they know they’ll need to update their resume.  However, it’s just as important to do the same on their social media profiles.  Make sure there’s no content that appears objectionable because recruiters will use these sites to find out more about the candidates.  They use them to get a better perception into the applicant’s personality before making any decisions.