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7 Creative Home Office Ideas to Improve Your Workspace

August 02, 2021 - Posted to Job Interview

Content home office ideas

According to Upwork, 36.2 million Americans are expected to work remotely by 2025. That's 22% of the American workforce!


And you might be one of them.


That said, you will need a workspace at home. It can be a spare room or a quiet corner in your bedroom. What's important is that it is conducive to work.


But other than having a dedicated workspace, it would also be ideal if it is spruced up. That said, here are x decoration tips that can help improve your home office:


Add Indoor Plants

Having a large window that gives you a view of the outside can be inspiring. But what if you do not have a large window or that all you see are skyscrapers?


We suggest that you add some indoor plants in your home office. Doing so gives you something to look at to relax your eyes. It also helps you purify indoor air and boost your productivity.


If you work in a windowless room, though, you can consider hanging framed photos of different greeneries. That way, you have something green to look at, as green is believed to help with eye strain.


Repaint Your Walls

Changing your home office's wall color is one of the most affordable things you can do to spruce it up. As such, consider repainting your walls with the paint that you like. Just ensure that the wall color will match your home office's overall aesthetics.


If you are unsure what paint color to use for your room, you might want to google "color psychology." That way, you would know which color can inspire or motivate you to work, boost your creativity, or enhance your concentration.


After all, colors can affect your mood.


Go for Ergonomic Furniture

If you want to own your workspace, you should look for functional and ergonomic furniture pieces. That's because such office furniture does not take so much space, yet it ensures comfort.


Mind you, sitting in front of a computer for hours is uncomfortable. Poor ergonomics can also lead to muscle strain, headache, and fatigue. These things can hinder your productivity.


However, nothing beats a good stretch in-between work. So, use a Pomodoro clock to remind you to stand up and move your body once in a while.


Only Bring in Work Essentials

Work essentials are the tools and items you need to get your work done. This differs depending on what you do.


For a graphics designer, that would mean large monitors, drawing tablets, and photoshop software. For a virtual accountant, a functional PC with a decent internet connection will do. But if you are a podcaster, you will need a microphone, and you might have to soundproof your room.


Whatever tools and furniture pieces you need to bring in will depend on the nature of your work. Plus, ensuring that you will only bring in essentials will make it easy for your to clean your workspace.


And as we always say at Planet Maids Service NYC, a clean workspace is a productive workspace.


Designate Work Zones

You may be working from home. However, we bet that some parts of your tasks are done on paper while some are on the computer.

As such, it would be best to have designated work zones.


One zone is for computer work, and the other is for non-computer work. That way, your tools will not be mixed, which can be confusing. Plus, it can cause clutter, which can hinder your productivity.


For instance, you can have a station where you can sort your documents. Once done, bring the documents that need urgent action. Think bills you need to pay and documents you must sign. File it back once you finish working on it.


See how it can help you boost your efficiency.


Let Natural Light In

Whether you are in the office or at home, good lighting is essential. For one, proper lighting can prevent eyestrain and headache, improving your productivity.


As much as possible, ensure that natural light can come into your workspace. After all, the connection between sunlight and Vitamin D is well-studied.


In relation to this, sunlight is said to make employees work a full schedule happily while Vitamin D can promote better health.


On the other hand, you can use proper artificial light in the absence of natural light. Use yellow-case illumination, which is halfway through the color spectrum. You should not put it overhead computer screens, either, as it can cause glare and eyestrain.


Keep it Clutter-Free

Pens and papers can quickly pile up while cables tend to be tangled in any work environment. Hence, make it a habit to keep your home office clean and organized.


Here are some quick tips on how you can do that:


  1. Wipe down your desk and PC before or after work
  2. Sort your paper clutter
  3. Clean your desk drawer
  4. Disinfect your phone and keyboard
  5. Ensure that what you need is within reach
  6. Do not eat on your work desk
  7. Deep clean your office regularly


Keep in mind that clutter can distract you from work, hindering your productivity. And the tips listed above can ensure that your home office is spic and span.


Final Thoughts

It is tricky to stay productive while working from home. Hence, you should consider sprucing up your home office to motivate yourself to work.


Fortunately, you do not need to shell out thousands of dollars to do that. All you need is to have a dedicated workspace and ensure that what you need is within reach.


That way, you can be efficient with your work and get things done accordingly.