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On Following Your Career Dreams

August 24, 2016 - Posted to Job Interview

Content on following your career dreams

There are several blogs out there telling us to just, “quit your job and follow your dreams.” While this sounds very inviting, this article will tell you that it might not be very wise to do so. Sure, finding a job where you can use your key skills, that you are interested in, and where you can preserve your principles and values at the same time would be perfect, but this does not happen too often.

Why It is Not Easy to Make One’s Dream a Career

  1. A typical person would have several interests, but which one should you pick? When nothing stands out, you might be making a rush decision and end up getting a job that you still will not be happy with. In the end, it will only become a vicious cycle where you will keep quitting and looking for a new job that you think you will be happy with.

  2. Being interested in a field does not automatically make you have the necessary skills to be successful in that particular industry. Truth is, you cannot make a career out of something that you do not have the ability or skills for. As an example, you could have very creative ideas but if you do not know how to manifest them into actual products, it would just render these ideas useless.

  3. Finding a job where you can apply the skills you do have, and be actually interested in, and while keeping your principles and values intact, rarely happens. Realistically, you usually get to have only one or two of these factors.

  4. Do not get me wrong, there will be jobs that have all these three factors, which people like you also hunt for. But you see, that is exactly the problem. Jobs like that are going to be quite popular and competitive, which means you will have to beat hundreds or thousands of other people to get the job. You will have to be very good at the craft or have certain connections to stand out.

  5. Lastly, you could get the job but end up getting paid less than your annual bills. The truth is, the typical dream jobs pay a lot less than the regular ones because demand is high in these industries. This means you can always be replaced because there is no immediate need from the employers to give you a premium pay. And let’s be honest, you cannot make a career out of something that will starve you.

Make Your Dreams a Hobby and Find a Job That Pays

You do not always have to do something you love, you just have to find a way to maintain a work-life balance. A possible solution is to make your dreams a hobby. You can do it over the weekend or after work hours. It can even be extra income if you want to.

What is more important is to be content at your workplace. Find something that is not too hard or too easy to do to avoid unnecessary stress, that will add to your self-worth because it makes you feel like a productive citizen, where your boss and colleagues will treat you well, where you can find opportunities for growth both personally and professionally, where the work hours are reasonable, that pays well and provides other benefits, that gives you a sense of job security without any fear of getting fired any time for any reason, and a workplace that will only require a reasonable commute.

There always is an alternative though. Dig deeper. Say, you wanted to be a programmer but this niche is in trend so the competition is tough. Why not look in specific narrow sub-niches, for example web security? And then take an Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi, so you'll be able to learn a new trade and do some outlook-broadening travelling.