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Less Clutter, More Productivity: 10 Ways to Organize Your Workspace

April 15, 2021 - Posted to Job Interview

Content organize your workspace

The overall condition of your living environment affects your work productivity.


Working in a cluttered and messy environment keeps you distracted, and a lot of times causes negative energy.


But despite the limitations in your space, there is a handful of creative productivity hacks you can do to keep your area neat and organized. Plus, many benefits come with an organized space.


Having one makes you feel in control and focuses on areas that might need attention. It also eliminates any unnecessary distractions that can hinder your productivity.


Doing so sets you up for success. That's because you can maximize your time in doing your job instead of resisting distractions.


In this post, we will walk you through ways how you can better organize your workspace.


Put a System into Place

Set up a proper labeling or coloring system in your office. Take your time labeling shelves, bins, drawers, and folders. Your computer's content and other electronic devices can also affect your overall output.


Setting up a labeling process allows you to place items at the right places and reduce the risk of missing out on essential files.


To declutter or organize your desktop, delete any pictures, files, or software apps you don't need.


A lot of people use their desktops as a de facto to-do list. Therefore, the things that they need to remember will gradually start to accumulate, creating chaos.


It helps you develop a good to-do list, organizing your most important files in folders and subfolders.


Purge Your Office

If you want a significant change, start with a thorough house cleaning, both literally and mentally.


Start decluttering your office by emptying, shredding, and getting rid of anything which you don't need or want. What are the things that you haven't used in a while?


You can start with one area at a time. If it doesn't work out, you can send it out for repair or get rid of it. If you haven't used the item for months and think that you don't need it, then out it goes.


The same thing goes out for your furniture, equipment, supplies, and so on. Don't miss out on those little knick-knacks as well. If they're already there sitting at a corner filled with dust, making your space look shabby, then it's time that they go.


Give Your Things a Home

It's hard to get stuff done if you couldn't find what you're looking for. Whether it's a physical item, important document, or a file, you're losing out precious hours each day because of your inability to find things.


What the people at Maid Sailors recommend is purchase storage folders and boxes. That way, it will be easier to organize loose paperwork. You can also use these storage solutions to organize other items that cause clutter in your desk.


Throw out anything that you think isn't essential for your work. If you believe that you'll need those papers one day, you can scan or save these files before discarding them.


Create "Work Zones"

Decide what type of activity happens in every area in your office. Chances are, you'll have a primary workspace, which is likely your desk.


You'll also need a reference area, which are your shelves, binders, and filing cabinets. Finally, use drawers, a closet, and shelves to build a supply area.


Ensure that you have the right equipment and supplies and that they are within reach.


Filter and Sort Out Emails

If you receive a new mail, try to sort it out and take out the ones that you need right away.


Set some time each day to browse through it, passing through the rest. In the same way, you should also filter your emails based on their urgency and importance.


Disinfect Everything

With a pandemic still going on, having a clean, a disinfected desk is as crucial as ever before.


However, the benefits of cleaning go beyond just sanitation. It isn't easy to clean or disinfect a desk that's cluttered.


Therefore, the decision to work in a clean area means that you need to make sure that your space is regularly disinfected and clutter-free.


You can wipe your desk using a non-abrasive cleaner or with antibacterial wipes regularly.


Having a clean, decluttered workspace means that you're creating an enjoyable space where you can work. This allows you to be productive whether you are working from home or in the office.


Tailor Your Workspace on Your Needs

Did you ever find the time to use those paper notebooks or printouts piling on your desk? If you don't, then these are just a waste of your desk's real estate.


Think about office supplies that allow you to become more productive and not less. To get a headstart, try using the Pomodoro System.


This is an excellent time management method that lets you eliminate distractions. That's because it enables you to focus on getting things done in short bursts of time while taking frequent breaks to stand up and stretch.


To keep you inspired, you can invest in a beautiful timer. You can use a desktop calendar if you're a more visual type of person and want to keep track of things.


Use Digital Storage

Opting for digital storage will eliminate at least 90% of notes that are cluttering in your office.


So, find works for you and use it.


Getting rid of those sticky notes will no longer clutter your workspace or distract you from your tasks. Going with this method is liberating and vital at the same time.


Keep Those Cables Under Control

It is common to see a bunch of cables at work. More so, if you use plenty of devices to operate like clockwork.


Thus, you should find a way to organize your cables.


Although some people will ignore this, failure to keep your cables under control can lead to accidents.


Place a Trash Can by Your Desk

How many instances have you heard yourself saying that you'll throw out that piece of paper once you get up?


Instead, you can instantly clear out your desk by placing a handy trash can nearby.


This may sound counterintuitive, but having a trash can nearby is a great reminder to declutter your workspace. Thus, ensuring that you have a clean and organized space.


Worse, you'll have a couple of missed shots, which might lead to the crumpled paper lying around the floor.


Over to You

Working in a limited space is challenging. What more if it is cluttered and disorganized?


That said, ensure that you take some time to organize your workspace. That way, you can have better focus and get more stuff done.


Follow the tips listed above to have a clutter-free and well-organized workspace, and you can be productive in no time.