Content social media profile to advance career head

Are you searching for a new job or, perhaps, would you like to advance your career? Pay attention to your social media profiles. And if you don’t have Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts it is time to create them!

Content the benefits of volunteer work and how it can help with your career

Contrary to the popular online meme that says, “ain’t nobody got time for that,” making time for volunteer work can actually give enormous benefits to you. It can reduce stress, be a venue to find new friends, be an opportunity to reach out to the community, help you learn new skills, and even advance your career. Additionally, it can keep your physical and mental health in check.

Content what does it mean to put family first

There are several blogs that can be found online which tells you how to put family first. Sure, these blogs can give you tips and some insights on how to make your family work what with your busy schedule and other responsibilities. But the truth is that there are no hard and fast rules on how you could put your family first. It depends on the circumstances surrounding your family and how you would want to build it. You would be surprised to know that each item on these “how to’s” actually has an alternative approach.

Content three ways to address salary issues

Running a business means having to face one of the most controversial elements, that is salary issues, at one point or even more. The usual culprits are the lack of a standard salary grade and the speculation that one employee is earning more than the other. Salary issues do not have to be the bane of both employer and employee’s lives and cause of upset to the team because these issues can be resolved or even prevented from the very start.

Content on following your career dreams

There are several blogs out there telling us to just, “quit your job and follow your dreams.” While this sounds very inviting, this article will tell you that it might not be very wise to do so. Sure, finding a job where you can use your key skills, that you are interested in, and where you can preserve your principles and values at the same time would be perfect, but this does not happen too often.

Content resume formula infographic resumes expert

Learn more on tips getting the perfect resume done fast and in manner of a perfect presentation. Become a winner in game of making a positive first impression.

Content 9 steps to getting a job in the music business

Oh, the glamor, the money, the travel, the girls, the boys … ! The music business has always been seen as a dream ticket to riches, fame and stardom; private jets, the swishest of hotels and the most expensive cars, jewellery and clothes money can buy - but - behind every superstar, singer, or group, there are an army of people getting paid fairly ordinary salaries and doing fairly normal jobs; some earn considerably more ...

Content creative ways to stop being a zombie at work

We are all familiar with that “zonked out” feeling. The one you get after an endless Greyhound bus ride or airplane flight - too tired to read or do anything useful, but too wired to sleep. That is as good a definition of being a zombie as any and that is what we are going to take a look at here - are you one? Have you become so tracked into working and keep such ridiculous hours that you simply cannot function anymore?

Content spark creativity  with 10 tools

There is a deadline to meet and your drawing a blank of what to include in your next issue. You need content and you need it now. No matter what you do it seems you keep drawing a blank, or it seems that every subject you research has been beaten to death. What are your options when you develop writer’s block?

Content rsz what really happens when you lie on your resume

Your dream job has just come up. You have just seen it advertised, and it is perfect. The money is great, the location is superb, the kudos is phenomenal, and it really is the place to be right now. But, there's a little problem; you are not quite qualified enough. You reason that it really doesn't matter because you could do the job standing on your head, and you go ahead and write a fictional resume covering up the points that you know will be contentious, and lying outright about the missing qualifications.