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Unity Developer: Skills and Requirements for a Good Specialist

December 14, 2020 - Posted to Resume Tips

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21% of all Android and 25% iOS apps downloaded in 2020 were games. The demand for game development is growing dramatically every passing day. And more than 50% of modern game projects in the world currently are supported by the Unity platform. Together with experts from Melior games, we will answer the question “how do I become a unity developer?” and shed the light on the main skills that will help you go through the process of becoming a unity developer. Of course, some skills are similar with angular developer or Node.JS developer, but today we want to talk about Unity developers

Who is a Unity Developer?

Unity3D or simply Unity developer designs and builds games and business applications for ad integrations using Unity software. It is a cross-platform game engine used to develop high-quality 2D and 3D games for mobile, desktop, and game consoles. IT companies, including Intel and Microsoft, are working on creating libraries for Unity for new products. This greatly simplifies development optimized for these giant corporations’ devices.


Unity developers work on full-cycle games’ creation. I.e., they:

  • turn design ideas into a computer game;
  • plan and implement game features;
  • write software code;
  • fix code bottlenecks and errors;
  • test concept dynamics and functionality;
  • work on updates and modifications for readymade games, etc.


One person isn’t always responsible for everything, however. Some Unity developers focus exclusively on the design, others only coding. Sometimes, specialists create Unity-based tools to simplify the workflow. Most often, a whole team is working on a game. In this case, the project is funded by a marketing company.


If there are no game publisher investments involved, though, the end product is called an indie game (an independent project). For example, Minecraft is considered a major indie market leader - only one independent person was involved in the creation of the whole game.


In the video game development industry, many work as amateurs. For them, the game creation process is a hobby. They are not tuned in to release and promote a computer game. Often amateurs create modifications to a finished product or its individual parts. But if a developer decides to take a professional path, good prospects open up for him/her. Among the major positions that a Unity developer can hold are:

  • Unity Developer/C# Unity Developer;
  • Unity/VR Developer;
  • Junior, Middle, Senior Unity Game Developer;
  • Team Lead Unity Developer.


Now, let's talk about whether game developers are in demand in the IT world and consider the example of Unity Developer Job Description.

Profession’s global popularity

Are Unity developers in demand? Despite the fact that the profession is relatively new, the demand for game developers is growing rapidly on a global scale. Unity supports 50% of all mobile games on the planet while the global mobile gaming revenue is forecast to reach $76.7 billion in 2020 (+12% as compared to 2019).


The main advantage is that Unity projects are easy to outsource. Thus, freelance developers are just as in demand as office workers. Freelancers get to work with games on various topics, which is a huge plus for a resume.


In addition to games, Unity developers are quite popular in other industries in 2020 (medicine, automotive, etc.), which opens up more promising vacancies. In order to get a dream job, desire only is not enough. You need to have a suitable background, education, and will to learn. Together with Melior Games experts, we will tell you what skills you should hone and the requirements you need to meet to become a successful Unity developer.

Unity Developer: Skills and Requirements

No matter how good and responsible a person you are, it is impossible to become a top Unity developer without good programming skills. The good news is that anyone can learn. Whether you are a poet, artist, student, or retired, you can learn to write C# code in Unity if you have enough time and will. Knowledge of the basic level of programming allows you to effectively express thoughts and communicate in the same language with the technical team.

What does unity developer do


The most eligible skills and requirements when it comes to a competent Unity developer include:

  • Bachelor's/Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related;
  • an ability to write code from scratch;
  • experience in C# coding;
  • 2-5 years of experience in mobile app development (iOS and/or Android);
  • experience in console game development;
  • experience in Unity3D or working as a Unity developer;
  • knowledge of the Unity or Unity3D platform, 3D development techniques, and game physics nuances;
  • experience with animations, GUI styles, scripting, session management, textures;
  • experience in publishing software on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store;
  • knowledge of code version control tools (Git, Mercurial, SVN, and others);
  • an ability to optimize environments for support of older hardware;
  • experience in implementing automated and unit tests;
  • social, self-organization, and error fixing skills;
  • attention to details.


It is important that the specialist could estimate the volume of work, divide the project into tasks, and set deadlines correctly. In medium- and large-scale companies, these tasks are dealt with by individual specialists. But for a freelancer, basic knowledge of project management is required.


A major trait of a good developer is the ability to anticipate risks and deliver a project on time. Of course, during the workflow, there can be unforeseen failures and malfunctions, but the goal is to give yourself/your team a roadmap that you can focus on. Also, companies single out people who were involved in the development of successful previous projects among the applicants for the position.


When it comes to a large-budget project, in most cases several specialists are involved. Communication and teamwork skills will be a huge plus. Some companies even equate such soft skills with professional knowledge.

Bottom Line

It is important to have a desire to develop and stay abreast of the latest development standards and technologies. The tech industry is not static. A year from now, the industry will look completely different. A good Unity developer works day in and day out to strengthen and expand skills. The specialist resembles an eternal student who constantly thinks about future growth and development. With these qualities in hand, there are no reasons for you to not try your best at becoming a competent, much-demanded Unity specialist.