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What Does It Mean to Put Family First

September 09, 2016 - Posted to Job Interview

Content what does it mean to put family first

There are several blogs that can be found online which tells you how to put family first. Sure, these blogs can give you tips and some insights on how to make your family work what with your busy schedule and other responsibilities. But the truth is that there are no hard and fast rules on how you could put your family first. It depends on the circumstances surrounding your family and how you would want to build it. You would be surprised to know that each item on these “how to’s” actually has an alternative approach. After reading the article, you might find that you are already actually putting your family first without you knowing it.

What Blogs Tell You

  1. Put your career aside to care for your family or support your partner’s career. Building a family means having to sacrifice a little or a lot. This could mean shifting to another career which demands less of your time and effort, to have more time to care for your partner and children. Some even have to quit their jobs to ensure that they only focus on doing worksheets for preschool kids and hoping it might help your kids become good and productive citizens in the society. After all, the family is most basic unit in the community.
  2. Cooking and sitting down for family dinners. It cannot be helped to have little time to bond with your family what with work and school. To ensure that you still somehow have a regular bonding time, you could schedule or even impose family dinners where each family member has to be at home at a certain time for dinner and check up on each one.
  3. Turning off the TV to have an actual conversation. Sometimes, family members can be physically there but mentally absent. To avoid this from happening, you can skip watching TV and have an actual conversation with your husband and kids. Checking up on their work and school activities can help you ensure that they are physically, mentally, and socially doing okay. And if not, this is the right venue to discover some issues that you can help resolve.
  4. Living in a family-friendly city. Moving to a rural or family-friendly city with a slower pace and lower cost of living could help you and your partner build a home and a family where you only have to work less and spend more time with your loved ones.

But Family First Could Also Mean…

  1. Finding a balance between work and life. A work-life balance could mean having enough time to do well in your job, be a good family member, and actually have spare time to pursue personal interests. Working hard could also mean earning more to find appropriate childcare, sending your children to good schools, and basically providing the family with both their wants and needs.
  2. Ordering take-out meals. Ordering take-out once in a while can be fun and healthy for the family. This means more time to actually play with the kids instead of cooking something from scratch alone in the kitchen. Of course, you could ask your partner and your kids to help out in the kitchen, too, for more bonding time.
  3. Watching a movie together. Watching a movie with the family can really be fun and relaxing. You can even discuss it after watching and share thoughts about it.
  4. Playing a family game. Fun games for the entire family provide an opportunity for bonding experience. You can try interactive offline games such as GIGI Bloks that will allow you to put your family first and have fun while doing it.
  5. Spending holidays away from home. Your work is a decisive factor on where to actually settle down. Living in the city means less time to commute to and from work. In any case, you can always save up for occasional holiday trips away from the city to make memories with the family and even visit distant relatives living away from home.