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Why Cloud Storage has Become a Necessity for eCommerce Businesses

January 28, 2020 - Posted to Job Interview

Content why cloud storage has become a necessity for ecommerce businesses

The question of big scalable companies of today is how and where to store their data? And the answer is, of course, the cloud storage facility.

Now, the days are gone when Ecommerce companies used to depend on their host servers for storing their database. With the introduction of the cloud storage facility, companies have seen significant growth in their business. It provides you with the storage capacity that you require and serve your data at a lightning-fast speed. 

This powerful tool strengthens your store and reduces the website load so that your customers will have an incredible user experience. The most interesting fact about cloud storage is that more than 90% of the companies are turning towards cloud storage services. This adoption rate of cloud services is because of the ease of accessing the data from anywhere in the world. And due to that, the global market for cloud computing is going to exceed the $330 billion by the end of the year 2020. Also, it has been forecasted that cloud storage will cross $650billion by the year 2025. 

Below, we have come up with great advantages of the cloud storage facility that explains why cloud storage has become a necessity for Ecommerce Businesses. 

1. It works as a backup for all your data

The backup of any data is necessary, and having a backup of your Ecommerce database such as product data, customer data, payment data is most essential. And cloud storage is a perfect way to have a backup of all your data in one place. 

Also, when disasters like hard drive failure, corrupt programs, and software, power surges, etc. happen to the system where your company stores its data, it could potentially wipe your business. But if you opted for cloud servers, you can still recover your data from your cloud servers. This is the best thing about cloud storage because your data is stored at multiple redundant servers, and it is safeguarded against any type of hardware failure. 

Due to their availability at a remote location, you can access and retrieve your data securely at any time. Therefore, cloud storage is an excellent way to backup all your database and recover it whenever you want. 

2. Data is more secure than any in-house servers

Security concerns are inevitable when eCommerce businesses and companies decide to store it outside of their servers. Many still think that cloud storage is risky, but in reality, it is their in-house data handling policies that make it risky. The cloud storage providers are typically have established high standards than any other enterprise. 

According to a report published on TechRepublic, your employees can put you at equal risk as any hacker would do. This is because of the fact that your employees might be handling the data at remote devices outside of your workplace network. Also, some organizations lack the required people who have experience in handling cloud storage services. To secure your cloud data, you need strong work policies and a strong, reliable cloud storage service providers like Amazon and Google. 

Amazon Web services, also known as AWS, is the leading cloud service provider in the market with 32% of the market share(source). Today, the company offers over 140 cloud service, and among them is Amazon’s Simple storage service (S3). With Magento 2 Amazon S3, you can backup and upload all your data from your servers to Amazon’s cloud servers. 


Businesses that are small and medium who don’t have many resources and are building their online presence can use the cloud storage facility to save some bucks. Because cloud storage providers will only charge you for what you use and what you need. In the end, you will find some extra cash in your hand, which you can use for investing in your business to expand further. 

As your business grows, your investment for hardware and software storage infrastructure reduces because, with cloud storage, your development and maintenance costs for IT infrastructure will cut down. Cloud computing is believed to be 40 times more cost-effective for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) than in-house operations.

94% of SMBs are more satisfied with the security benefits they got from cloud service. Moreover, 70% of the businesses were able to reinvest their funds into their business after opting for cloud-based storage services. 

4. Scalability is higher 

If you are opting for a cloud storage facility, you are actually opting for scaling your business. With cloud storage, you only pay for what you actually use, and that makes it a perfect solution for your needs to scale eCommerce. Acquiring more servers on your own and spending all your funds on building a huge IT structure will slow you down. 

The cloud storage facility will cater to the changing needs and demands of the market for your eCommerce. With this thing in mind that your business will grow in the coming years, it is essential to scale your business as you grow. 

5. Easy data sharing  

With cloud storage, data sharing becomes way easier than any other means of sharing. You can easily share big sized data with your clients, colleagues, and other people and that too with security. It is also one of the reasons eCommerce businesses are turning to cloud storage facility.  

Due to its overall lower cost, it enables you to share files easily without the use of any virtual network or servers. So, before making any commitments, you can test the whole cloud storage model on a small scale, which gives you the confidence to make a big move. 

6. Makes your eCommerce site speed optimized

More than 40% of online shoppers will leave the site if they have to wait for more than 3 seconds. And more than 70% of shoppers will return to a poorly optimized site. (source)

The speed of your site plays a vital role in making customers return and glued to your site. Because when suddenly your website starts to get high traffic, it can slow down your website and can make it unresponsive. And here, the work of cloud computing starts. It can free up and provide you with great storage, bandwidth, and computation powers so that your website always stays responsive and optimized for speed. 


In a nutshell, cloud storage and hosting have become a necessity for any online business that wants to scale their business. The great advantages like the backup of your whole database on a secure platform with easy sharing capabilities can benefit your business in many ways. 

Cloud storage is not a burden of extra cost, but it is actually cost-effective and saves your funds in the long run. Also, it cuts off the extra load on your website to make your eCommerce site speed optimized and ensure that your is fully responsive. 

One thing is clear that cloud service isn’t going anywhere, it will stay here for the better. In the coming years, the adoption rate of cloud storage is going to increase as more and more companies and enterprises are turning towards it. Because cloud storage is easy to manage, cheap, and safe option for all organizations. That’s why it has become a necessity for eCommerce businesses. You can also Hire Magento Developer from MageComp.  

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