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Your resume or CV is the document that you ultimately want to get into the hands of the decision-maker. The first step in achieving that goal is the cover letter that accompanies that document.

It is surprising that many job candidates do not take the cover letter as seriously as they should. They make the following mistakes:

  • They assume cover letters are really not read
  • They produce a generic cover letter that can apply to any employment situation and submit the same one with every resume or CV.
  • They “whip up” a cover letter very quickly and it is dull and boring. This is usually because they have used a template they found online and basically just fill in the blanks.
  • They spend no time attempting to be engaging and compelling from the very first sentence.

Here is a “news flash.” Recruiters and hiring managers do read cover letters. And from those cover letters, they often make a decision to scan a resume/CV or just trash it.


Elements of a Great Cover Letter

A separate and unique cover letter must accompany every resume or CV, and it must include the following critical elements:

  • It must refer to the organization by name, as well as the position title, somewhere in the letter
  • It must have keywords and phrases that were present in the job posting. Many organizations use automated screening processes, and those processes look for very specific terminology in the cover letter. Letters that do not include one or two of those keywords will be trashed, along with the resumes that accompany them.
  • They stand out because they have been creatively written, engaging the reader from the very first sentence. The opening sentence must motivate that reader to continue
  • The entire letter must convey enthusiasm for the position and for the organization.

From this information, you can clearly understand why every cover letter must be uniquely crafted. You will not achieve this by using a “canned” template you find online; nor will you find it by using a standard, “run-of-the-mill” resume service that does not have the staff to specialize.


Why Most Resume Services Fail on Cover Letters

Resume and CV writing companies tend to focus solely on the preparation of those documents. Even when they have solidly qualified individuals to produce resumes/CV’s, they tend to forget that a cover letter requires a wholly different type of writing. Thus, the same person who crafts a resume will also be charged with crafting the cover letter. This is a huge mistake.


Resumes.Expert Does it Differently

We recognize the difference between the type of writing style and syntax required for a resume or CV and the style that results in an exceptional cover letter. With that in mind, we have a department of creative writers whose sole purpose is the preparation of cover letters. Here is how we work:

  • Your resume or CV will be produced by the Ph.D. field expert assigned to your project
  • You may have several unique resumes or CV’s based upon the specific positions for which you are applying.
  • The cover letter writer is provided with copies of your resumes and CV’s, along with a listing of the organizations that you have named, and the original job posting.
  • The letter writer researches those organizations to gain a “feel” for the “culture.” This is important in determining writing style and language.
  • The letter writer also analyzes the job posting and description to identify the keywords that must be included in the letter
  • From all of this information, your personal letter writer then creates customized cover letters to accompany the other documents you will be submitting.

You will be amazed by the compelling letters that have been written. And if you already have resumes and/or CV’s, and need only cover letters, you simply send those documents along with the positions descriptions and organization names. We take it from there.


Conduct Your Own Test

If you really want to understand the difference between the cover letters that we produce and those you have been using, order just one today. When you receive the final product, you will understand immediately why we are the only source for cover letters you will ever want to use.

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