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The mark of an effective CV is in the results from its submission. If you are not getting the results (calls for interviews), and you clearly have exemplary qualifications for the position openings, then something is definitely wrong. It could any number of things:

  • Your format is incorrect for the organizations/institutions to which you are applying
  • Your descriptions/summaries of your work experience are not highlighting the right things
  • Your language style and syntax may need a “facelift”
  • You don’t have the imbedded keywords or keyword phrases that will flag your CV through digital submissions

You may not know which of the above problems you have, but you definitely need to find out and to revise the CV before it goes out again.


Your Revision Options

  • You can attempt a revision on your own. If you don’t understand what is wrong with the original, however, you will repeat the same mistakes.
  • Certainly, you can check with others whose CV’s have gotten them jobs and interviews. Unfortunately, they may not have crafted CV’s for the specific organizations/institutions to which you are applying. Everyone’s CV will be a bit different
  • You can go online and check out the latest templates for CV’s, but which one is really right for you?
  • You can send your CV off to an online resume/CV service and request a re-write. If you choose this option, then you have to explore those services and learn the details of how they operate and what you can expect. There are some clearly inferior services out there and you certainly don’t want to waste your time or money.


Save Time – Come Directly to Resumes.Expert

We are convinced that we have the finest resume/CV writing and editing service in the industry, and you will agree once you compare our procedures and processes, as well as the qualifications of our writers, with the others. We provide the following to each client, no exceptions:

  • When you send your CV over to us, we will also ask you a number of questions to get a better feel for who you are, the types of positions you seek, and lots of other salient points that we may not find in your CV. We need a total picture in order to assign the right individual to the task and in order for that individual to have as much detail as possible.
  • Once we have your information and your CV, we will analyze all of it and determine the very best individual for the task.
  • All of our CV writers possess Ph.D.’s in their career fields, and your personally assigned writer will have this degree in your field. Other services do not specialize and customize in this way, and we wonder how they can then produce an appropriate document.
  • All of our writers also have years of experience crafting CV’s for positions in their fields, for a variety of organizational types. They understand the need to highlight various backgrounds and experiences for each type – higher education, government service, private industry, research institutions, non-profit organizations, etc.
  • Your CV writer will make contact with you immediately. S/he may have additional questions about your background. The point is this: you need to know that a fully qualified individual is working for you, and you need to have discussion with that individual as the revision/re-write takes place.
  • Specific revisions will be sent to you for your review. We want your approval on every aspect of what is being produced, so that, in the end, you have exactly what you want and need.
  • If, at any time, you have any other questions or issues, our 24-hour customer support department is open for business and available to you – by phone, email, messaging, or chat.
  • Based upon the information you supply regarding the organization to which you will be applying, your consultant/writer may suggest a few different formats and styles and explain why you need more than one CV.
  • If you are not fully satisfied with your final draft(s), your writer will continue with you until you are.


Get the CV You Really Need

You need results. And results are what we get for our clients. We are comfortable guaranteeing that your new CV from Resumes.Expert will get those interviews for you. If not, we will re-write again until you are getting them. No other writing service will do this for you.

Get a hold of us today. Contact the customer service department or complete the detailed ordering form. Our clients usually have their personal writers within an hour.

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