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Let’s start with some good news. If you are a current or former member of the military, and you are looking for a civilian job placement, many things are working in your favor. First, many employers are actively seeking the leadership skills and unique experience that you have picked up during your years in the military. In addition to this, there are also organizations who work specifically to advocate for current and past military personnel as they make the career transition into civilian work. Unfortunately, the news isn’t all good. It can be challenging to get a hiring manager with no military experience to understand how to translate the information on military resumes into skills that make sense to them. It can also be difficult to get potential employers to see the value you can bring to their business if they are concerned about any reserve obligations you may have.

You are, without a doubt, in a challenging position. However, your situation is certainly not hopeless. We have writing staff members who have experience in military resume writing and they are absolutely passionate about helping you find a job in the civilian sector.


More About The Staff in Our Military to Civilian Resume Writing Services

First of all, we are fortunate to have former service members working in many different capacities at Resume.experts. A  few of these individuals happen to work very hard helping current and former military members by writing the resumes that will help them make the transition to civilian life. Others do not have direct military experience, but they have spent years working with service members. Some have experience with military contractors, while others have experience with other hiring initiatives that focus on veterans.


What You Can Expect From Our Military Resume Writing Services

We know that your training and experience is extremely important to you. We also know that you expect a high level of professionalism from us. Because of this,  we work hard to meet your needs and earn your trust. Here is what you can expect if you do business with us:

  • Respect: The moment you hire us to work for you, we will begin demonstrating our respect by honoring your service, your time, and your budget.
  • Honesty: We will never make promises to you that we cannot keep. We will also communicate with you, using 100 percent honesty. In fact, we will stick to this promise even if it means delivering bad news to you.
  • Punctuality: We take deadlines seriously. We know that many of the jobs opportunities that you are pursuing are time sensitive. Because of this and other reasons, we are 100 percent committed to getting your resume and other documents finished and delivered to you. If you need a resume created and submitted to a hiring manager in two days, just let us know and we will make sure that is what happens for you.
  • Understanding: We know what it takes to land these civilian jobs. You have a hard job ahead of you, and we are focused on helping you make this transition.
  • Talent: We understand military terminology. We know how to communicate your needs and talents to those who don’t understand them. In fact, even if you aren’t sure how your MOS translates to civilian life, we can help you with that.


Let us Work For You

We would be honored to thank you for your service, by writing a resume for you that helps you find the job you want in the private sector. Please place an order today, via our website, and we will begin working hard for you, right away.

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