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Writing Your Professional Level Resume

At Resume.Experts, we write a variety of resumes for a variety of job seekers. These include resumes specifically written for entry level job seekers, resumes for people seeking civil service jobs, and resumes written for working professionals who are seeking new positions in their field. If you are an individual with more than 3 years of experience in your field, you should consider using our professional resume writing services. If you have been promoted to a low or mid-level position as a manager, team leader, or supervisor, then it is very certain that you would benefit from the use of our professional resume writing service. The purpose of this ‘tier’ of resumes is to assist people who want to start down the career path that leads towards more advanced leadership positions, and ultimately into executive level placements. Continue reading, and we will talk about the challenges you may face as a professional level job seeker and how a pro resume from resume.experts can give you the edge you need.


Changing Marketability Goals

When you first entered your chosen field, your goal was probably to demonstrate that you had a specific set of skills that made you useful to your employer. Now that you have a few years under your belt, and possibly some supervisory experience, you are in a bit of a treacherous position. You still want to show that you have kept up your technical/hard skills, but you also want to show that you have developed leadership and managerial skills. If your resume shows one, but not the other, you will have a difficult time taking the next step in your career. Fortunately, we can help by reviewing your work history and any relevant training to create a resume that evenly highlights both your skills and your newly gained management abilities.


The Job History Dilemma

This is another catch 22. If you have spent the last 5 years at the same company, people considering you for new positions may wonder why you haven’t sought out new positions until now. They may worry that you have not grown enough within your career. On the other hand, if you’ve made more than one or two job changes, they may be worried that you will only stick around long enough to pick up some training or work on a few projects. What we can do is write a professional resume that shows constant career growth, even if you have stayed in the same position. We can also compose a resume that demonstrates that you were a capable employee who added more than your share of value no matter how long you worked at any particular employer.


About Our Resume Writing Professionals

We don’t allow just any writer to work on your resume. Our team of resume writers consists of business professionals with degrees in fields such as human resources, communications, and business. In addition to this, each of these writers has experience in headhunting, job placement, or human resources. They know what potential employers look for and will help you by designing and writing the ideal resume for your situation.

In order to do this, they will work with you to get a good idea of your current job situation and where you want to be. They will also review your current resume. Then, they will research the details of your industry, and what hiring managers want to see in potential employees. Finally, they will create a keyword rich resume that will help you land more job interviews than you ever thought possible.

So, why not get started? Place your order today, and tomorrow could be the beginning of a new and improved career path. 

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