Help Frequently Asked Questions


How does your process work?

When a client places an order for a resume or CV, we ask that s/he complete a comprehensive order form that will ask for a number of details. We need these details in order to assign the correct writer. Once the client completes the ordering phase, the following occurs:

  • We analyze the details of the order
  • We assign your resume creation to the most suitable writer and designer. All of our writers and talented are talented professionals, but they are assigned based upon the specific career field and type of position the client seeks.
  • We immediately notify the client of the writer/designer assignment, and provide for direct conversation between client and writer.
  • The writer will contact the client directly, in order to have a lengthy interview/discussion of client goals and details of background/experience/achievements and so forth.
  • Client is requested to upload a copy of his/her current resume, if available, directly to his/her writer
  • Client will also be asked to provide specific organizations for which the resume must be designed. Unlike many other resume/CV services, our writers customize resumes for specific organizations, upon client request.
  • The resume or CV is crafted to present the client in a compelling and engaging way, highlight the background, experience and achievements so that they cannot be ignored by any reader.
  • The creation of targeted cover letters is also a service that the client’s writer can perform.
  • Once the resume/CV is completed it is sent to the client for approval. At this tie if the clients requests any revisions, they will be completed free of charge.
  • Our work for a client only ends when that client is fully satisfied with his/her product(s).


How will my resume be delivered?

Once you have approved of the final draft, you will receive it via email. It will be in a format you designate – PDF or Word. You matching cover letter, if ordered, will also be available in the format you designate.


Do you offer editing services?

Absolutely. We are happy to assign your current resume or CV to a career-specific professional for review and re-write. Just as with our writing from scratch, you will receive direct contact from your editor and a full interview, so that your document reflects and highlights your achievements and background in compelling ways.

How long does it take to get a resume?

In general, it may take 5-7 days for a completed crafted resume or CV. These are highly customized documents that take time to create. However, if a client has a more urgent need, we can certainly accommodate that. Urgent deadlines will result in higher pricing.

Will my finished resume look like one of the samples on your site?

No, not necessarily. Those samples are for you to view the quality of our work. Every resume/CV is unique for the client. Sections, wording, points, fonts, bold and italics will all depend upon the specific needs and background/experience of the client, along with his/her goals and the types of positions and organizations which s/he seeks. 


Do you provide cover letters?

Yes, absolutely. And just as we do with resumes and CV’s, they are customized. If a client has a specific organization to which s/he is applying, the cover letter will reflect that organization’s culture and the specifics of the position description


How may we contact you if we have questions about your product or services?

Our customer support department is available by telephone, email, or live chat. They are available for any questions or issues you may have. Please contact us as often as you wish.


Do I have options about designs?

Yes, we have sample designs for you to review, or you can upload a design you like. As well, you will have options of color and background. The sample designs that we have on our site are really just a start point. They will be altered based upon the individual client wishes and the nature of the resume/CV content.

What if I want a resume updated at a later time?

You simply complete a new order form along with the details of the update. You may select the same writer or request a new one. Updates are priced at less than a full resume, of course.

Can I get the source file for my resume so that I may update it myself?

Our documents are created using InDesign. They require unique fonts and other elements for the correct look. If you have expertise in InDesign and wish to have your source file, please contact our customer support department for pricing details. Otherwise, for a very minimal cost, you can have your resume updated by our experts.


Can I choose custom colors, fonts, borders and backgrounds?

Yes, you may. You will be presented with design options by your writer/designer, or you may specify such things in your order form, if you have a clear idea of what you wish relative to design.

Does our company produce resumes for clients outside of the United States?

Yes, we do.

Who are your designers?

We employ professional designers who work for us on a contract basis. They are specialists in resume and CV creation, with many years of experience and with continued professional development activity in order to remain current in the newest designs and technologies. Designers are matched with client orders based upon their requirements.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not provide cash refunds. The process of resume/CV designs and writing is a laborious one, and it is not completed until a client is fully satisfied. We will revise any document we deliver to a client until it meets with approval. Further, we provide additional revisions, upon request, for a period of 24 months, if a client should not receive calls for interviews. If a client requests an entirely different design, there will be an additional fee, however.