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Resume Design Services

There is no doubt that the content of your resume is very important, however the look and structure of your resume are important as well. Consider this; most people are visual thinkers. This means that the person reviewing your resume is going to begin drawing conclusions the minute they begin looking at it. This is going to happen before they read a single word.


Let Us Help You Create The Best Possible First Impression

Before we come up with any design ideas, we work with you to understand your needs. We want to know your career goals, what kind of feedback you have received on your current resume, what you want people to presume about you when they first glance at your resume. The more we know, the better we are able to create a design that integrates our knowledge and experience with resume design, and your unique experience and perspective.


We Have The Tools And Knowledge to Create The Resume You've Always Imagine

Our professional resume designers would never dream of simply plugging your information into a template. That is something that you could do on your own, if that was all you wanted. We understand that job seekers come to us wanting a truly customized resume. Here is what is included in our design process:

  • A thorough consultation that includes a discussion of the design elements of a resume and what they mean.
  • A review of your current resume for errors.
  • Coordination with your resume writer (if you are also using our resume writing services)
  • A presentation of our ideas for your approval
  • The initial resume design
  • If needed, a rough draft review for your approval
  • Creation of your final product
  • Review and approval

In order to create your perfect resume, our designers have a wide array of tools available to them. These include multiple word processing apps, tools that allow our designers to add visual elements to your resume or to create resumes that are entirely visual, and a wide selection of fonts, colors, and background colors and textures.


Our Designers: Passionate About Resume Design and Knowledgeable About Hiring

When you contract with us for resume design services, you will work directly with a professionally trained resume designer. Each resume designer on our staff understands the hiring process. They know what HR managers and business owners want to see in a resume. They keep tabs on current and upcoming trends in resume design. They understand when it is a good idea to incorporate those trends into a resume, and when it is best to use a more traditional approach. For example, an infographic resume might be a great choice if you are applying to a cutting edge, graphic design firm. It may not be a great choice if you are applying for a job as an IT security specialist.


Let us Help You Stand Out to Hiring Managers

Picture this: A bleary eyed HR director is going through hundreds of resumes. Each resume looks the same, with black font on a stark white background. Then, the HR director gets to your resume. Instead of the same, glaring white background, your resume has an easy to look at, muted, background texture. Varying font colors subtly draw attention to the most important elements on your resume. The resume as a whole is sequenced in a way that causes the person viewing it to become more and more interested in your qualifications as they read. The HR manager clicks a link in your contact information and is taken to your LinkedIn page. There, they access the infographic version of your resume, and learn even more about your experience and qualifications.

If you want a resume that is visually appealing, professional looking, that stands out, and keeps the attention of hiring managers, contact us today. We have online customer service agents available 24 hours a day, and an order form that you can fill out in just a few minutes.

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