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If you are a first-time job seeker or a professional who has been in your career for a while but who is looking for new opportunities, you no doubt have a resume. You think you have done a pretty fair job of highlighting your achievements and skills, and have fashioned a resume that is well-organized, perfect in grammar and punctuation, and easily scannable by any recruiter or hiring manager. You begin to submit it with great anticipation.

A few weeks go by. You have sent that resume out in response to 6-7 position openings and have no responses. What is wrong? In most cases, it is your resume, not the information on it.


How To Know When Your Resume Needs a Re-Model

Obviously, the biggest clue is no response to your submissions. There may be some other clues as well:

  1. You have looked at templates and samples online, and yours is just like the ones you see – how many others are using those same samples and templates?
  2. You have used a resume writing service that didn’t really spend a lot of time talking with you, and your resume looks like those templates and samples you pulled up on those generic websites.
  3. You are using the same resume for every position opening.
  4. You have looked over your resume and cannot find one thing that “stands out,” that would catch the eye of a reviewer.


You Need a Resume Edit but Not from a Generic Service

Generic services ask you for your current resume and any additional experience you want included. They will turn it over to one of their writers – someone they may have trained themselves – and it will be reviewed and re-written. What you get back does not look significantly different from what you sent in. Money and time wasted.


You Need Resumes.Expert

You are not just a customer number at Resumes Expert. Your resume is not turned over to some generic writer who may or may not know anything about your field or what your skills and background really mean. When you provide us your current resume and any additional background to be added, here is what happens:

  • We analyze your education, background, experience, and determine which specialty fields need to be highlighted on your resume.
  • We locate a resume writer/editor from your field. Yes, we have professional writers from every field. If you are in an IT field, for example, we will assign your resume to a professional who has been in that field and who has the expertise to review and re-write yours. This individual looks at your work experience and ensures that it is all phrased to focus on achievements and results rather than just responsibilities. This individual will contact you, perhaps a number of times, for details of coursework, of position responsibilities, of results you achieved in a specific position.
  • Once it has been re-written by a field specialist, it moves on to a professional recruiter or HR manager who reviews it for design and format, adding the design elements (bold, sub-headings, typography, bullet points, etc.) that may be missing. This expert also checks for verbiage, making sure that action verbs are used. Our HR specialists are currently practicing in their fields and freelance for us. They know what attracts attention.
  • Your field specialist and your HR pro will communicate directly with you throughout this process and provide drafts for your approval. Your total satisfaction tells us when our job is finished.
  • You have the option to set up a longer-term program with us in order to re-design your resume for specific positions and corporations/organizations. Our pros do the research on these firms to gear the resume text and keywords to match. Crafting a unique resume from your generic one is pretty critical if you are to stand out, and we can provide that uniqueness. There is usually less than a one-day turnaround for this service.

Nothing surpasses the importance of your resume as you seek either your first career position or as you look for a career move. Nothing good happens until your resume goes into the “further review” pile on some hiring manager’s desk. Resumes.Expert can get you into that “further review” pile – the interview, of course, is up to you. We can tell you this. A resume from our service can be submitted with pride and confidence.


Contacting Us

our time zone does not matter. Nor does the fact that you are up in the middle of the night struggling with you resume edit. Call us, email us, or chat with us – any time, day or night. Let us get started right away.

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