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You have written quite a number of academic essays and papers by the time you are ready to graduate from college. In fact, you might even call yourself an expert on these types of written assignments. Now you are ready for a totally different type of writing assignment – one you have assigned yourself. That resume. Unfortunately, a resume is not like an academic paper, nor have you had a lot of experience preparing these documents. You have several options as you look toward creating a resume that will make you more than competitive:

  • You can go online and find resume templates and suggestions for specific formats and then create your own from these examples
  • You can seek advice from your career counseling office on campus
  • You can seek guidance from mentors in the business world if you know some
  • Or you can locate a professional resume service that can create a resume for you


Finding the Right Resume Writing Service

Like any company offering a service, there are stellar, mediocre, and very poor resume writing agencies. Your job is to “weed” these out, and here are the things you really need to look for before you settle on a service to create your resume(s) and cover letters:

  • Does the service have multiple methods of contact – phone, chat, email, skype?
  • Who are the people crafting resumes for clients and what are their qualifications?
  • Will you have a single designer? Will you have direct communication with that designer throughout the entire process?
  • What happens if you do not like the final product?
  • Is your designer willing to do the research on specific companies/organizations to which you are applying and to craft customized resumes and cover letters for each one?
  • Will the service be willing to provide samples for you to review?

You need, above all, to contact the resume service and ask these important questions.


The Answers You Will Receive From Resumes.Expert

We welcome all inquiries from potential clients before they spend a penny having resumes produced. In fact, we encourage you to do so, in order that you may have a complete understanding of how we operate and what you can expect. In general, here are the answers you will receive from the questions posed above:

Contacting Us: We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are someone exploring our service or a current client who has questions or concerns, you will find a friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable team of professionals on hand to speak with you.

Our Resume Producers: There are no “certifications” for resume designers or writers. Therefore, when we seek individuals to join our service, we look for those who are currently in positions of human resources, who are currently involved in creating resumes, and who are long-time recruiters. Many freelance for us while they maintain their regular positions. The reason we look for these individuals is that they are fully “current” on effective resume design and know what “works.” When you have the benefit of professionals who are actually in the field of recruiting and evaluating resumes, you have the best there is.

Your Satisfaction: We are never finished with our work for you until you are thrilled with the resume(s) we deliver. Once you receive your completed resumes, we want you to review them carefully and ask for any revisions you want. You may request these directly from your designer or contact our customer service department with that request. Either way, the revisions will be completed until you are satisfied.

Doing the Research: When you provide both the specifics of the position and the company or organization to which you are applying, your assigned professional will conduct the research on that firm to be certain that the right keywords are inserted and that the wording aligns with the missions, goals, and culture of that organization. This is service that is quite unique with Resumes.Expert – one you will not find with other services. We want your resume to be flagged as one that needs further review.

Samples: We are happy to provide sample resumes to potential clients who are considering our service. We are proud of what we produce and want everyone to be able to see our work product.


You Don’t Want to take Chances

The job market is so competitive today. With hundreds of applicants vying for the same position, you must be one who stands out as a prospect worthy of an interview. Your resume is the only thing a recruiter or hiring manager has to make that initial judgment. If you use Resumes.Expert, you will be tagged as “interview-worthy.” Contact us today and let’s get started.

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