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Resumes.Expert will help building that future for you by crafting resumes, CVs and cover letters that will not and cannot be ignored by recruiters or hiring managers. Use our services, get those interviews, and begin the next phase of your professional life with us!

  • Resume Writing Service: Forget the tired old templates that everyone else is using. Let Resumes.Expert fashion a unique resume that sets you apart
  • Resume Editing Help: That tired old template didn’t work, did it? When we finish our renovation, no one will be able to resist it.
  • CV Writing Help: Don’t tear your hair out over your CV. You’ll look better in your interview with your hair intact. And that interview is just what you’ll get when you let us design your perfect CV.
  • Professional CV Editing: Waiting for those interview calls that never come can make you pretty grumpy. Give us that CV for a complete remodel, and start answering your phone.
  • Cover Letter Writing Help: Don’t “blow off” cover letters – hiring managers don’t. Let us create customized letters for every organization to which you apply. Our letters excite and engage.
  • Creating LinkedIn Pro Bio: Yes, recruiters and hiring managers will try to find you on LinkedIn, and you better be there. We’ll create a bio they can’t ignore.
  • Resume Design Services: Boring dull designs don’t suit you. Let one of our designers show you how it’s done.

Resume Writing

Every resume gets between 7-10 seconds of a reviewer’s time. If your resume looks the same as others - 7 seconds may get reduced to 5. Finally, one hits home – a resume that is unique, that pops off the page, and that highlights just what she/he is looking for. That will be your resume!

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Resume Editing

Our HR career professionals who know what makes a resume “pop;” and - design experts to provide the visual presentation. They work together to give you a resume that will grab immediate attention and merit a full read. Thus, a reviewer will know that you are a great candidate.

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CV Writing

CV’s are about format for the type of organization/institution to which you are applying; you have to be a master at compelling prose that promotes your personal “brand;” you have to provide great detail of your academic and/or work experience and your published writings.

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Our writers have years of hiring experience, thus well aware of what HRs seek in employees.

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Timely service is what makes the business world go round - and we know it very well.

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You will be thrilled with the results, and even more thrilled that you get those interview calls.

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You can always count on our customer support! We're available 24/7 all year round!

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Your personal consultant/writer will be in touch from the start to a happy ending – count on it!

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Discover the prominent additional services - E-cover letter, online resume storage and more!

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It is ridiculous to assume that even an HR manager, if s/he is not in your career field, can possibly construct a resume or CV that is going to meet your needs and grab the attention of an HR manager in your field. Incredibly, but this is what most other resume writing services try to do. Many of them, in fact, employ people who can write well but who know nothing about specific careers or resume/CV design. They learn by their mistakes. And your CV being one of their mistakes – not a good thing.

When you make the smart choice to use Resumes.Expert, however, you get a consultant from your field. This consultant has experience both working in the field and in designing resumes and CVs that work for that field. If other experts are needed, they are immediately available. For example, if you want a resume plus an established web presence, your personal consultant will work with our brand marketers to get you that presence.

When you use Resumes.Expert, you get an entire team.

Still have Questions? Get or

Our Process – You Will Be Participating! When clients first contact us, they naturally have questions. How are we different? What can we offer that others do not? In addition to the best consultants and writers in the industry, we have a process that keeps you involved from the start and doesn’t stop until you are thrilled.

Service Before, During and After the Sale – Rather Like Buying a Car - When you go to a new car showroom, you will be greeted by a salesman. While our customer support professionals are not salesmen, they are here to answer questions you may have, to explain all of the options you have, and to see that your entire experience from inquiry to delivery is smooth and satisfactory.

During the production process, this support team is available to you 24 hours a day, to resolve any issues or additional questions you may have.

Service after the sale is like the maintenance department of a car dealership. If you want revisions, if you want a re-write, these pros get it done – by phone messaging, email or chat.

Professionals in Over 40 Industries

Resume.Experts is a premier resume/CV service in over 40 career fields. We deliver the results no matter if it's your first career or if you are a veteran looking for a change what position you seek.

Melissa Dahl, USA.
Oklahoma city, OK

The company has helped me to return to the labour market as a professional, that I've always been, but unfortunately for a moment forgotten due to downsizing at my former work.

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